Our Flat Coated Retriever kennel is family-run. Dogs are our family members and faithful companions both in our private life and at work. The first female that came to our home was Tajga – a Yorkshire Terrier. Shortly after, Puma (XVI DRAG QUEEN Diamentowa Zagroda) joined our household. Puma is my black-coloured pride. Her trustful and loving eyes steal hearts of every person who looks in her direction.

Puma is a human-loving girl, she loves playing frisbee, practices frizgility and works as a therapy dog. After some time, our two-year-old Puma got a companion – the one-year-old Nitro (AINT AFRAID OF HUGS Axwell), who came to us quite out of the blue. This handsome young man of the liver colouring, who’s head over heels in love with Puma, brought a lot of joy to our home and filled it with energy and tenderness.

On 21st January, 2018, the first puppies, children of Puma and Nitro, were born. We planned to keep a black girl, however the fate decided for us and the one who stayed with us is Viper (AWESOME VIPER Perfect Flat). An easygoing fluffy ball of the liver colouring, whose loving eyes hypnotise our hearts.